I'm pleased to present my very own online cooking class! #KitchenistaBootcamp was designed based on input from my readers and followers and will cover topics you all wanted to learn about most! This is not just about the recipes - it's an instructional learning format that really dives deep into my process to help you become a better home cook. I am so excited to share my expertise and passion in a more personal and interactive way, I look forward to seeing you all in a future class! Please make sure you're subscribed to my mailing list for updates, and head to my page at AnyMeeting to register for upcoming classes!

11/01/15: Thanksgiving Survival Workshop

First in the #KitchenistaBootcamp series of online instructional cooking events, the Thanksgiving Survival Workshop is a 90 minute live webinar for home cooks. I'll be presenting family friendly recipes for a classic holiday menu and moderating a Q&A session with participants. Webinar attendees will receive a complimentary e-book of Thanksgiving recipes and hands-on exercises to follow along during class or to complete at a later time.
Some of the topics we'll cover in the Thanksgiving Survival Workshop include:
  • Eliminating stress by scheduling do-ahead tasks
  • Optimizing fridge, oven and counter space
  • Menu suggestions for small, average and large gatherings
  • Pantry essentials, smart tools & cookware to get the job done
  • Turkey disasters and how to avoid them
  • Smart seasoning short cuts
  • Food safety and proper storage of leftovers
  • Healthy alternatives to classic holiday dishes
...and more!

Register by 10/25/15 with code EARLYBIRD for $10 off admission!