#HelloNaan Open Faced Breakfast Sandwiches with Bacon, Avocado & Harissa (#Ad)

Friday, June 17, 2016

This blog post was sponsored by Stonefire Naan, but the opinions are all my own. 

Y'all have no idea how excited I was to share this recipe! I'm always looking for something dope to eat for breakfast, so I jumped on the opportunity to create a new recipe for Stonefire Naan. I've been a fan of Stonefire® for years. Their products always taste freshly baked and are made without artificial preservatives - always a plus in my book. The traditional sized flatbreads are the perfect size for individual pizzas so that's a fun (and easy) dinner to let my thirteen year old son make from time to time. When I stopped by our local Giant Food Store, I noticed that Stonefire now offers a mini naan size! There was one package left, so I scooped it up along with the regular sized whole wheat variety, which I froze to use another time. At 2 for $5, it was worth taking advantage of the sale.

I knew I was going to use the mini naan for breakfast but I honestly had no idea what I would throw together until I started looking around the kitchen. Avocados were ripe, so that was a must. Bacon, cheese and eggs were a given. But I needed something to put my own special touch on this. I eyed a jar of homemade harissa paste and suddenly it all came together. I grabbed some butter, fresh cilantro and mint and got ready to indulge. Or at least, I thought I was ready. Shortly after setting up my mise en place for photos, my daughter woke up, eager to get her toddler hands in the mix. So Raven "helped" today, as you'll see, which means breakfast took a little longer to make than my stomach planned to wait! The good news is that you can knock this out in 30 to 40 minutes, making it a good breakfast option for the weekend. When you're looking for a break from the usual breakfast sandwich, consider saying #HelloNaan to Stonefire's authentic flatbreads!

#HelloNaan Open Faced Breakfast Sandwiches
with Bacon, Avocado & Harissa

4 strips thick-cut bacon
2 Stonefire Mini Naan
2 tbsp harissa paste, or to taste
2 tbsp butter, melted
4 oz shredded cheddar cheese
2 eggs
Kosher salt, to taste
Cracked black pepper, to taste
2 large eggs
1 avocado, ripe but firm
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
2 tsp chopped mint

Active Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 40 mins
Yield: Serves 2
Special Equipment: heavy duty sheet pan, baking rack (optional but recommended), pastry brush, spatula

Preheat your oven to 400° F. Get that bacon in there so it's ready to use by the time you get everything else together. I like to bake my bacon on a heavy duty sheet pan, fitted with a baking rack. For easy cleanup later, I lined the whole pan with foil. Cook for 15 minutes or until crisp, turning once. The nice thing about using the rack is how the fat drips off, no soggy bacon! Drain that fat once the pan is cool enough to handle. (If you're real, you have a jar full of strained bacon fat saved for a rainy day.)

You can go ahead and use the same baking sheet and rack set up to cook the sandwiches. Mix the melted butter and harissa together. Now we can call it harissa butter. If you don't happen to have harissa that's fine, use your favorite hot sauce or Asian chile sauce, like Sriracha. 

Harissa is a North African spiced chile paste that can be mild or extremely spicy. I go for a medium-hot harissa that's spicy enough for me but not too crazy for my daughter. That said, she is pretty adventurous for a 2 year old. Raven's known to stick her fingers right into the harissa jar, lick them, panic when the heat hits, then laugh and do it again. Toddlers are hilarious and gross all at the same time.

Use your pastry brush to coat the flatbreads generously with harissa butter. Cover the whole thing, don't be shy with it. Save the rest of the harissa butter to drizzle over the sandwiches later.

Politely ask your toddler to stop eating the cheese before you can top the naan with it.

Make a small well in the center of the shredded cheese and gently crack an egg on top of each naan. Grab your toddler's hand before she pokes her fingers in the yolks. Retrieve the egg shells, which have now been hurled across the kitchen.

Sprinkle the eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper. Chop up that crispy bacon and make it rain. Raven had fun with this part.

Only 3 bacon strips made it to my sandwiches. But that's okay, because bacon is a distraction from everything else she could be grabbing.

Carefully transport the baking sheet to the oven. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the egg whites look opaque and the yolks are creamy. If you've never had a baked egg, you're in for a treat. It's like a custardy version of a fried egg.

When the naan comes out of the oven, slide a spatula underneath each one to loosen them from the rack. Top with sliced avocado, a generous drizzle of harissa butter and the chopped herbs. Give your toddler the rest of the avocado, because she'll never stop screaming if you don't obey.

This is the part where I envy you, the non-food blogger who gets to dig in without running outside to catch sunlight for a photo. But believe me, these naan breakfast sandwiches were worth every minute of the wait! 

My favorite part of any eggy breakfast sandwich is breaking the runny yolk! Sometimes Raven beats me to it, because she has the palate of a 30 year old woman. 

I knew this would be good but I wasn't expecting it to be this good. I loved how the edges of the naan got super crispy while the inside stayed tender, oozing with melted cheese and that warm custardy egg. Bacon added a salty crunch and the cool creamy avocado balanced the spicy harissa paste. This was one of those meals that hit all of my senses at once! The mini naan size was a perfect breakfast portion for one, although I wouldn't judge you at all if you ate both. Just blame it on your toddler, who after all this trouble, ran off to play with the dogs.

#HelloNaan indeed!

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  1. Definitely going to try this! Looks and sounds fabulous. Raven is gorgeous and adorable. :)